KPOP meets Movies: Priest, 2011

"If she were here, she would laugh that we are celebrating Christmas." Sunhwa sighed. It was either the profound wave of depression consuming her for the last few days or the coldness of that nights making it seem rather difficult to do so.  She liked to think it was the latter. "She never liked parties and dresses."

"Tonight is the first time we’ve all met in months, I would appreciate it if you didn’t ruin the festivity by talking about her." The words sounded so easy to say as it rolled upon her tongue, but no one would ever know how difficult it was for Jung Hana to have to take responsibility for the death of Jeon Hyosung. No one needed to know it was difficult. She had taken it upon herself not to change. She took it upon herself to remain as the indestructible, cold and heartless leader figure of the group because if she did change, like most of them did, there would be so little left of what they even held on each other for. Hyosung made her promise. How was she supposed to break that promise now?

Her? Jung Hana, what do you think you’re doing? Do you really not have a heart?” Sunhwa’s voice trembled, with disgust and disappointment. “How dare you—” 

Before she could proceed, she was interrupted by a loud interruption from the woman who walked on her toes for the last four years, “Do you honestly think it comes easy to me? Do you think I do not find myself frustrating to be so believable whenever I act like she never existed, like I never saw what had happened to her? Did you honestly think I am not in pain?

Tears rolled upon Sunhwa’s cheeks as she watched her friend break her walls down, the humanity that was concealed by every Priest who went into the Clergy’s training grounds, it was still there like she knew it would be. “Then tell me… us! Show us the Clergy has not taken away another one of our own. We had lost so many, and it feels like we have lost you too when we lost Hyosung.”

"I can’t, Sunhwa." Hana looked down, eyes just as drenched as the other. "This is how I survive."

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